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I tried to sync Handheld Contact and I didn't get all of my contacts on the phone.
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 01 August 2019 06:30 PM

After getting Handheld Contact set up and synced on the device, you determine that not all of the contacts were transferred.  An example would be that you have 1,000 Contacts but only 200 synced.

There is one of two things happening here. 1.) The default Handheld Contact service allows up to 15,000 contacts to sync with our application and your entire Act! database has more than this number.  2.) You have selected to sync in 'Groups' and not 'All Available Contacts'.

If you want to sync up to 30,000 contacts or up to 45,000 contacts, there is an available subscription add-on that can be applied.  Click here.

In order to correct the contact syncing please see below:


  1. Open Handheld Contact on the PC/server and along the left find 'Contacts Info'.  Then click on Change. 
  2. There are two selections to choose from: 'Synchronize all available contacts' and 'Synchronize contacts in Groups'. 
  3. Change the selection from groups to all available.  Press OK to save changes. 

If your database has more than 15,000 total contacts and you have not included the HHC+ add-on, you do not have any choice and you must sync in 'Groups'.  The Auto-Sync-HHC group will be defaulted and will ensure that all contacts with (or had) activities will still sync.  You will need to select any other groups you wish as long as the total number of contacts is less than 15,000.  See the link below for more info.


After all changes have been made, click on 'Maintenance' along the top, choose 'Synchronize Users' and select the required accounts.  Click on 'Sync Now' to begin syncing process.  If the 'Synchronize Users' option is greyed out, this means a sync is already in progress, please wait for this to complete and then try again.


Note: If you want to create custom groups and manage those to sync with the phone, please see:  If you have custom (or already created Groups) in Act! and you ONLY want to sync these with Handheld Contact, please see: