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Problems opening Handheld Contact on Android OS 4.0+ devices
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 17 August 2012 09:02 PM

If you have a new Android device (phone or tablet) that has OS 4.0 or higher you may experience problems when opening Handheld Contact after install.

Here are the 2 scenarios when crash will occur.


First scenario:

Open Google Play, and install Handheld Contact.  After successful install, Google Play asks “Open app”.  If you press open at that moment, the crash appears and HHC doesn’t open.


Second scenario:

After installation, Google play creates shortcut on the home screen (this setting is set to 'true' by default on Google Play with OS 4 and higher; on older OS is 'false').

If you try to open Handheld Contact from the shortcut – it will crash.  Workaround is to delete shortcut created by Google Play, and start Handheld Contact from within the 'Applications' screen.  You can create a shortcut from this location and everything will work fine.