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Issues when upgrading to iOS version 6.0
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 14 March 2018 05:59 PM

[UPDATED - see below]


If you have an iPhone or an iPad and recently upgraded the operating system of the device to iOS 6.0 you may run into some issues with Handhled Contact.


Crashing on Calendar:  If your Handheld Contact app crashes when trying to load the Calendar, first try to open the Task List.  Does this open properly?  Then try loading the Calendar afterwards.  If it still crashes, please report.  This workaround will be the process to follow until the next update of Handheld Contact is released.  UPDATE: We have submitted the changes to Apple and are awaiting their response.  Once approved, the new version will go live and will resolve the Calendar crashing.


Crashing on sending SMS:  For some users, they have reported crashing after sending a SMS message via Handheld Contact. We have replicated this bug and corrected it as well.  The resolution will be included in the next update along with the Calendar crash fix.


The reason here is mostly that when you upgrade, you are just making a copy of the Handheld Contact database on the device and restoring it.  This is not a 'proper' set up so some aspects do not work as expected. We suggest to get things working correctly, you will want to complete the following:


  1. Open Handheld Contact on the computer/server.
  2. Click on Maintenance and choose Resend All Data to Handheld. 
  3. Select the account and press Send All. 
  4. Press Yes, on the warning that appears.
  5. Once the PC starts syncing, go to the iPhone/iPad.  From the main screen push and hold on the Handheld Contact icon.  Once it starts to vibrate, click on the X and delete Handheld Contact.
  6. After it is deleted, go to the App Store.  Search for ‘Handheld Contact’ and download Handheld Contact.
  7. Run the Handheld Contact application.  Enter the username and password.  Press Login.
  8. Wait for the PC to finish syncing from Step 3 and then press Sync Now to start syncing on the iPhone/iPad.


 UPDATE: Handheld Contact version 4.6 has been approved by Apple and is ready for download in the App Store.  Please upgrade your device to resolve issues with iOS 6.0.


Note: If you are still having issues with Handheld Contact on the device after the upgrade, please submit a bug report and provide details to the issue on hand.