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My phone numbers sync to Handheld Contact with '+1' in front.
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by admin account on 19 June 2014 04:11 PM

When using Handheld Contact the phone numbers will sync from ACT! to our server and then to the Handheld Contact app on the device.  In order for our application to be used universally, we need to use international dialling formats.  This does not impact the ability to call out from the device (within Handheld Contact) for users within North America or elsewhere.


Here is more information.


  • The phone number is created and compiled within the ACT! database.  When on the Contact, find the phone number that is in question.  Click on the '...' button to the right of the phone field.  This will open a new pop up that explains the break down of the phone number.
  • The 'Country' and 'Country Code' will be populated based on the Country field within the Contact Details.  If you do not have a Country set for the contact, then it will default to the settings within ACT! for Country.  Depending on settings/location, this could be United States, Canada or United Kingdom.
  • The 'Format' option is irrelevant.  Handheld Contact will sync all phone numbers as '+11234567890'.  It doesnt matter if the format is set to '(%%%)%%%-%%%%' or 'Free Form'.  This will only be useful for how you read the format within ACT! itself.
  • Finally, the 'Phone Number' section will display the number as you have it with the 'Format'.  An example is '(xxx)yyy-zzzz' or 'xxxyyyzzzz'.


If you have synced to the phone and you have '+1' appear on the phone numbers, then see below for the area you are located:


In North America:

This is the way that Handheld Contact will sync and you cannot remove the '+1' from the phone numbers.  This is needed for syncing.  It will not impact the calling out from Handheld Contact to the customer.  As long as you have the correct number, it will dial.  If the phone number is a '1-800' number, then you need to ensure from Act! that the '1' is not part of the number.  It should be displayed in Act! simply as (800)123-4567.  Then it will sync to the phone as +18001234567.


In United Kingdom (or any other Country outside North America):

The '+1' is appearing due to the Act! database.  Please see above and look at the '...' button within Act!.  This will explain what you have listed for the number.  You will need to ensure that the Country is properly set to the Contacts location (eg. 44).  If you have the number in Act! set as '01234567890', this is still acceptable.  The leading '0' will be removed once the syncing takes place to the device.  Once Act! is set up and displaying properly, this will sync to the Handheld Contact app on the device with this same format.  It should be shown as +441234567890.  If you had the leading '0' this format will still be the same as it will be excluded from display.  This telephone number will still be able to call out from Handheld Contact.  The smartphone will be able to read the +44 and it will dial the rest of the number correctly.  This format will work regardless of location and if the call is long distance.

A setting in Act! that may help with this further is under Tools, Preferences and under the General tab.  It is a check box that states "Always display country code in phone fields".  This Country Code is what will be grabbed by Handheld Contact.  The number in the brackets, Eg. [44] will sync to Handheld Contact as +44.  This way you can tell what the exact phone number is and if any leading zeros need to be removed.