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I want to add another user/device to Handheld Contact. What do I do?

The following instructions would be needed if you are adding another ACT! user to Handheld Contact for syncing OR you were trying to get multiple devices configured (Eg. iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry/BlackBerry PlayBook, or Android phone and tablet) with the same ACT! user.

Please follow these steps in order:

  1. Ensure that you have the account created already.  If not, go to: to create an account.  NOTE: You cannot create a new account when you are already signed into the website under a different user.  Please log out first.
  2. Open Handheld Contact.  It will be on the same computer/server where the ACT! database resides.
  3. In the upper left hand corner, click on the ‘Add User’ button.
  4. Use the same ACT! Administrator username and password if the same database is to be used.  For a different database, click on Browse and find the database that you want to sync with.  Press Next.
  5. Select the ACT! user which will be syncing with Handheld Contact.  Enter their password for ACT! (if they have one).  Press Next.
  6. Enter the Handheld Contact username and password for the new user.  Press Next.
  7. Complete the rest of the set up by choosing what options to sync from ACT! to device (Contacts/Activities/Notes/History/Custom ACT! fields).  The wizard will step you through this.
  8. When finished, press the Sync Now button on the left to begin the syncing for the new user.
  9. Install Handheld Contact to the device.  Please see this link for more details.


Note: If you are setting up a second account for the same ACT! user and you already have a HHC username, you must create a new account.  You cannot use the same email address as the existing one.  For example, if '' is your active account, you must have a separate username for the next device.  Such as ''.

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