When opening Handheld Contact on the PC, I get an error message about 'RestoreSettings'. What does this mean?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 05 April 2018 06:29 PM

If you are launching Handheld Contact on the PC/server and receive the following error message:


"RestoreSettings error: Root element is missing.; Inner exception is:"


This error message is in regards to the Handheld Contact 'settings' file.  This has been corrupted and will need to be re-created.  The steps below will provide the directions needed:


  1. On the PC/server go to C:\Program Files\Keystroke\HHC Enterprise Edition.  It may also be in the “Program Files(x86)” folder if you have a 64-bit operating system. Note:  If using Handheld Contact v4.1.0.0 (or lower) the install location is different.  See: C:\Program Files\J2X Technologies\HHC Enterprise Edition.
  2. Look for a file called ‘settings.hhc’.  This is the problematic file.
  3. Right click on it and choose Cut.  Move to another folder (Desktop is easiest) and right click and choose Paste.
  4. Once this file is removed from the directory, launch Handheld Contact again.
  5. This error message will no longer appear and you will need to start over with the Handheld Contact configuration.  See step 8 here for further directions.
  6. The file from Step 3 above can be removed.


 If you continue to have issues, please contact support.