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How do I export my Handheld Contact Calendar to native Calendar?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 11 March 2019 01:07 PM
Handheld Contact will allow for a one way 'Export' of your Calendar from within HHC to the native Calendar.  This procedure is not a synchronization but a copy/paste of activities from one app to another.  If calendar changes are made, this export procedure would need to be completed again.

See the steps below for directions based on operating system:

iOS - iPhone/iPad devices:

  1. Launch Handheld Contact on the iOS device.
  2. Open the Home view.
  3. Select 'Export Calendar' option.
  4. Two options will be provided 'Export Calendar' and 'Delete Calendar'.  The 'Export Calendar' will begin the process.  The 'Delete Calendar' will erase all previously exported data that exists on the iOS Calendar.
  5. Press 'Export Calendar'.
  6. In the 'Export selection' screen, you will choose the starting/ending time for this Export.
    1. Starting options are: '1 week before', '2 weeks before', '3 weeks before' and '4 weeks before'.
    2. Ending options are: '1 month after' through '12 months after'.
  7. Once the starting/ending options are selected, press 'Export' button in top right corner to begin.
  8. If a pop up appears asking permission to gain access to the Calendar, press OK to allow.

Android devices:
  1. Launch Handheld Contact on the Android device.
  2. Open the Calendar view.
  3. Tap on the overflow menu (in top right corner) and choose 'Export calendar'.
  4. The 'Export selection' screen appears.
  5. Select the 'Export activities starting' as well as 'Export activities ending' options.  The default is '1 week ago' and ending '6 months from now'.
  6. Press the 'EXPORT' button to begin. 
  7. A message will appear regarding the Calendar export.  After reading this notice, press 'Continue' to proceed.
  8. The activities will be exported and sent to the native Calendar application.