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Adding Sales Opportunities to an existing Handheld Contact account
Posted by admin account, Last modified by Craig S on 29 November 2018 09:47 PM
Sales Opportunities requires Handheld Contact or higher to be installed on your Act! server. All existing Handheld Contact users as of Wednesday March 21st, 2018 who would like to take advantage of Sales Opportunities in the Handheld Contact mobile app must follow special instructions.  Note: An upgrade of the Handheld Contact software on the PC/server is required and this upgrade will force a 'resend all data' procedure to be completed.  If you are not in a position to perform this, do not proceed with upgrade.

  1. Upgrade the computer application to version (or higher).  Please click here for directions.
  2. Upgrade to the latest Handheld Contact device application.  Please click here for directions.
  3. Open the Handheld Contact computer application.  Select the Handheld Contact account who will begin using Sales Opportunities from the User Accounts List.
  4. Along the left, expand the 'Opportunities Info' settings.  This will be disabled by default.  Choose 'Change'.
  5. Select the check box to enable this feature.  Check the boxes for the 'Process' and 'Status' as required.  Items with an 'Open' Status will be defaulted. 
  6. Click on 'Advanced' button to select different Act! users.  When finished, press OK to save.
  7. Expand the 'Opportunity Field Mapping Info' settings.  Choose 'Change'.
  8. Default fields that will synchronize are: Opportunity Name, Reason, Competitor and Referred By.  Additional fields that will synchronize but are not required for field mapping are: Open Date, Estimated Close Date, Actual Close Date, Probability, Process, Stage, Status, Record Manager, Days Open, Total, Weighted Total and Gross Margin.
  9. Additional custom fields can be included by clicking on the '(Do not map)' text in the 'Act! Field' column.  This will become a dropdown box to select from the available Opportunity fields.
  10. When all Opportunity Field Mapping is completed, press OK to save.
  11. Resend all data.  Click on Maintenance, choose 'Resend All Data To Handheld'.  Select the account you wish to resend and press 'Send All' button.  Click 'Yes' to the warning that appears.
  12. Once the Handheld Contact computer application is finished syncing, proceed to the mobile device to complete a synchronization.
  13. After both applications have synced, Sales Opportunities will be accessible in the Handheld Contact mobile app.

Note:  Adding Sales Opportunities will only allow for Opportunities with the status as 'Open'.  Other status options such as 'Closed' or 'Inactive' will only be available with a Handheld Contact Secure+ account.  In order to upgrade your current account, please click here.