Which Act! Security Roles does Handheld Contact support?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 25 October 2019 02:27 PM

This article will explain the different Security Roles in Act! and what is supported by Handheld Contact.


There are 6 different User Security Levels in Act!. Each of the 6 levels have different access rights which are described below:


Administrator - The Administrator Security Role is designed for users who need to have access to all sections of the program. When a database is created, the first user is always an Administrator (this can be modified at a later time). Administrator is the highest level of access and is reserved for those users that are responsible for database maintenance, backup, restore and other general database management. The only information the Administrator does not have direct access to is the private data of other users. Administrators do have the ability to change the passwords of other users.

Manager - The Manager Security Role grants access to all primary functions within the program. Manager users have nearly the same access as the Administrator but are limited in some of the database management and maintenance tools. Managers have access to all things the Administrator does, EXCEPT for the following: Manage Users, Delete Database, Database Maintenance, Restore Database, Administer Custom Tables, or View/Archive Logs.

Standard - The Standard Security Role is designed for users who only create, and modify their own records, companies, and groups. Standard users do not need to manage the contacts of other users. Standard users can delete records only if they are the Record Manager. Standard users will also have the ability to modify menus, toolbars, reports, and word templates but will not be able to add fields or modify the layout. In addition, Standard users are not able to setup synchronization.

Restricted - Restricted users have very limited access to the database. A user with the Security Role of Restricted will be able to add contacts, create activities, and create Sales opportunities. Restricted users also have the ability to create Activity series, and run Reports. However, a restricted user cannot add companies or groups and cannot delete data even if they are the owner. Furthermore, restricted users are not allowed to modify any portion of the database, including menus, tool bars, and layouts. Restricted users will still have access to E-mail and Fax features.

Browse - Browse users have the most limitations. Browse users are only able to view database information and cannot modify this information in any way. However, a user with the Security Role of Browse will still have access to Reports and Word Processing functions. All other functions are disabled for Browse users. For Act! v17 and above, Browse users no longer consume a user license.

System Manager (Premium Only) - This security role is available for Act! v21.1 and above. The System Manager role is designed to facilitate System Administrators, IT Support teams, ACCs, or hosting partners with maintaining the Act! database. These users do not consume a user license, but their access is restricted to specific features in order to manage database access, recovery and integrity. They are not able to view, create, edit or delete database records, or to make customizations in any area. Specifically, this role is able to manage users/teams, lock/unlock the database, manage password policy, check and repair the database, share/unshare the database, backup/restore/move the database, configure Act! notifications, configure the Act! scheduler and perform website administration.


Handheld Contact requires permissions in the Act! database to create Groups/Contacts/Activities, etc.  Therefore, the only supported Security Roles for Handheld Contact are 'Administrator', 'Manager', and 'Standard'.


'Restricted', 'Browse' and 'System Manger' are all unsupported Security Roles.


For more information on these Security Roles and what they mean to Act!, please see: https://help.act.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024239214