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I get this message: Communication with sync engine failed! The syncing process has been aborted! HHC Service is not running or doesn’t have the required permissions. What do I do?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 08 March 2016 07:22 PM

In order to correct this error message, you need to do the following procedure.  We recommend the below 8 steps first.  This is done through the Windows operating system:

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Type and search for ‘services.msc’.
  3. For Windows 8 users, go to the Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools, then open 'Services'.
  4. You will open the Windows Services window.
  5. Search for HHC7Service.  If the 'HHC7Service' is not listed and only the 'HHC7Service Monitor' is see 'Note' below.
  6. Right click on it and choose Properties.
  7. Ensure that the Start-up Type is set to Automatic.
  8. Click on Start, or if Start is already selected, press Stop and then Start again.
  9. Choose Apply and then OK.
  10. Go back to Handheld Contact on the PC and try syncing again. 


If the above directions do not work, you can also try these directions.  This is done through the Handheld Contact user interface:

  1. Open Handheld Contact on the PC/Server.
  2. Click on Maintenance along the top Menu bar.
  3. Choose 'Restart Service'.  Choose Yes/OK to any messages.
  4. Once the restart is finished, click on 'Exit' and close Handheld Contact.
  5. Wait a moment and restart the HHC application.
  6. Press 'Sync Now' button along the left to begin syncing.


Note: When completing the Windows steps above, if the 'HHC7Service' is not listed and only the 'HHC7Service Monitor' is, then you will need to re-install Handheld Contact.  Additionally, if you get an error message that reads "RestartSyncService error: Service HHC7Service was not found on computer '.'." when restarting the Handheld Contact Service via the user interface, you will need to complete the steps below.

a.) Ensure the Handheld Contact application is closed.

b.) Go to: and select the matching version of ACT!. 

c.) Run the installer.  When prompted to 'Repair' or 'Remove' the HHC application, choose Repair. 

d.) Once the update is finished, go back to Step 2 of the Windows directions above and try again.