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I have an iPhone and an iPad and want Handheld Contact to work on both, is this possible?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 24 January 2023 03:57 PM

Yes, this is possible.  However, Handheld Contact requires that for every device to sync with the software, you need to have a separate HHC user account.  This would require an additional charge to activate the second account.  Follow these steps and then contact our Sales Department to coordinate payment.


  1. Go to: and complete the forum for the secondary device.
  2. You will need to use a different email address then what is already used for the iPhone.  Select 'iPad' for the 'Device' type.  Press ‘Create Account’ when finished.
  3. Open Handheld Contact on the PC/server.
  4. In the top left hand corner click on the ‘Add User’ button.
  5. Follow the wizard to create the iPad configuration.  When prompted for HHC Username, enter the new account that was created in Step 2. 
  6. Once finished, you will see two accounts listed.  Select the new account and press the Sync Now button on the left.  If it is greyed out, this means there is already a sync in progress, please wait for it to complete and then try again.
  7. Once the PC is syncing, go to the iPad.
  8. On the iPad, go to the App Store.  Search for ‘Handheld Contact’ and download Handheld Contact.
  9. Run the HHC application.  Enter the username and password again (from Step 2).  Press Login.
  10. Wait for the PC to finish syncing and then press Sync Now on the iPad.
  11. Contact Accounting/Sales Department ( to get payment sorted out for iPad account.  Each device will require its own subscription.  This would mean purchasing two licenses.  One subscription for each device.  Purchase can also be completed online directly from here.


For a visual guide on getting a new device set up, please see this LINK and follow the directions for 'adding a secondary device' as needed.


Note: If you are setting up a second account for the same ACT! user and you already have a HHC username, you must create a new account.  You cannot use the same email address as the existing one.  For example, if '' is your active account, you must have a separate username for the next device.  Such as ''.  For every additional device that is added another subscription is required for purchase.  You cannot use the same subscription for multiple users/devices.