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How do I turn on 'Notifications' for Handheld Contact?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 05 June 2023 04:48 PM


iOS12 and higher:

In order to get the alarms to go for Handheld Contact, you need to do the following:

  1. Open Handheld Contact on the iPhone/iPad.  Open the Menu and click on Settings and choose 'Notifications & Alerts'.  Ensure that 'Notifications' are turned on.
  2. Close Handheld Contact.  Use the Multi-Tasking screen to swipe up and close Handheld Contact.
  3. Open the native iPhone/iPad iOS Settings.
  4. Click on Notifications.  Find the Handheld Contact Classic app and tap on it.
  5. Ensure that the 'Allow Notifications' for the iPhone/iPad are on.  Ensure that all types of 'Alerts' styles are enabled.  We recommend that the 'Banner Style' is the ‘Persistent’ option over ‘Temporary’.
  6. Make sure that all other options for Handheld Contact Notifications are set to ON.
  7. Go back and open Handheld Contact Classic again.
  8. Now when an alarm goes off, you will get an on-screen message appear indicating the activity.



With the Android platform there are very few settings to allow Notifications to appear.  Please see:

  1. Open Handheld Contact on the device and go to the Activity (Call, Meeting, To-Do, etc) you want to alarm.
  2. When in the 'View activity' screen, tap on the 'Edit' icon.
  3. Look for 'Alarm on' option and make sure it is checked ON.
  4. If the above is true, then 'Ring alarm' will have some time set to it.  Example 10 minutes.
  5. You can always adjust the alarm by editing the activity and setting the 'Alarm on' and 'Ring alarm' settings.
  6. Save changes.
  7. Ensure Handheld Contact is open.  If you are exiting the app by pressing 'Back' or 'Escape' this will close Handheld Contact and the notification/alarm will not sound.

Notes:  Handheld Contact cannot modify or change the notification/alarm type.  Handheld Contact will pass the alarm to the operating system and whatever is set from the device will sound.  If the device is set for vibrate, then Handheld Contact will do the same.  You can find any notifications/alarms that sound within the 'Notifications' area of the device.  Open this area on the device to see it.  Each device is different for where the 'Notifications' are listed so please refer to the Owners Manual for verification.  You can also check the sound it will make from opening the Android device's 'System settings', choose 'Sound', and look at the 'Default notification'.  This is what noise HHC will make.