How do you get Handheld Contact set up?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 09 July 2020 02:43 PM

Here are the steps needed to start from scratch and get the application set up and syncing.

Create the account:

  1. Go HERE and select the device you wish to sync with.
  2. Click on the 'Sign up now' button to create the Handheld Contact account.
  3. The username will be an email address and the password must be more than 4 but less than 8 characters.


Download the software:

  1. Start by going to the same PC/laptop/server where the ACT! database resides.
  2. Go HERE and select the version of ACT! that you have.
  3. Download the file "HHC-4_x_x_x.exe" and save it to the Desktop.
  4. Find the HHC-4_x_x_x.exe file and run it.
  5. Once the install has completed, Handheld Contact will automatically open.
  6. Enter in your ACT! username and password (if necessary) when prompted for the ACT! administrator information.  Also, you will want to choose the correct database that the software will need to point to.  You will also need to enter your Handheld Contact username and password.  This info was created above.
  7. Choose the Custom Configuration so you can pick and choose the options you would like to sync.  Continue through the wizard and click Finish when done.
  8. When the setup is complete, click Maintenance-->Synchronize Users, select the checkbox beside All Users accounts and then hit Sync Now.


Install software to device:

  1. On the device, go to:
  2. This will redirect you to the location where you will be able to download the software.
  3. Run it on the device.
  4. Enter the Handheld Contact username/password as created above.
  5. Begin syncing.