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How do I export contacts with an Android device?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 09 September 2022 04:32 PM


In order to get caller id and other native features on the phone to work properly, you may be required to export contacts from Handheld Contact to the Android Contacts app.  Here are the steps to complete that:


  1. Open Handheld Contact on device.  Go to Contact List.
  2. Open the Handheld Contact Menu and choose 'Export contacts'.  Note: You can also choose 'Import/Export contacts' from the Home view.
  3. You can choose which contacts you want to Export.  This can be 'All contacts', your Handheld Contact 'Favorites' or any custom 'Searches' created.
  4. Check the box(s) that apply and press 'EXPORT' in upper right corner.
  5. A mesasge will appear stating "Delete all contacts in your native contacts app before exporting Handheld Contact Act! contacts to avoid duplicates on device".   If you want to delete all contacts from the device first, choose 'Yes'.  Otherwise press 'No'. 
  6. If you press 'Yes', the next message that appears is "Contacts in your device's native contacts app will be deleted and this cannot be undone.  Continue?".  Press 'Yes'.  Go to Step 8.
  7. If you choose 'No', the next message that appears is: "Handheld Contact will export Act! Contacts to a dedicated group and this may result in duplicates on your device.  Duplicates will not be created in Act! database.  Current contacts in this group will be deleted.  Continue?".  You must click on 'Yes'.  Go to Step 8.
  8. Exporting will begin.  Wait for the process to be completed and then go to the Android Contacts to view the listing.  Depending on how many contacts exist within the Handheld Contact application as well as many contacts HHC would have to delete from the native contacts, this process can be quick or take a long time.  Our suggestion is to allow exporting to take place overnight.


In order to see which fields get moved in an 'Export', please click HERE.


Note: This procedure (from Step 4 or 5) will delete ALL contacts from the native Address Book (Contacts app) and replace them with the contacts that exist within Handheld Contact.  If you have unique contacts that exist on the phone that are not within Handheld Contact, they will be removed.  Do not complete the 'Export' you do not have these contacts backed up.  Choosing to not delete all contacts from the device may cause duplicates on the device as Handheld Contact will not know what contacts already exist prior to exporting.