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How do I upgrade Handheld Contact on the PC/server?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 21 July 2020 03:16 PM

In order to get Handheld Contact upgraded on the PC/server, here are the steps needed:


  1. Go to the same PC/server where the main Act! database is located.  This is likely the same location where Handheld Contact is installed.  If you are unable to access this PC or server, please contact your IT personnel.
  2. Open Handheld Contact on your computer or server using the shortcut on the Desktop.  It can also be opened from Start menu.
  3. Once you are in Handheld Contact click on Help-->Check for Updates, a pop-up should be displayed on the bottom right of the screen, "Download available click here to download" click on it.  If the pop-up does not appear, go to:
  4. You will be taken to the Handheld Contact Downloads page from our website. 
  5. On the downloads page, look for the 'Handheld Contact for your computer' section.  Click on the Act! version that matches your installed database.  If you do not know this, open Act! first and click on 'Help' and choose 'About Act!'. 
  6. Note: If your Act! database is older than v15/2013, then you need to click on the 'Show unsupported versions' button to display the full list.
  7. Download file "HHC-4_x_x_x.exe" (for Act! 15.0/2013 and higher) and save it to the desktop.
  8. Once the file has been downloaded close the Handheld Contact application on the PC/server (if it is still open).  It cannot be running while the upgrade is started.
  9. Find the HHC-4_x_x_x.exe file and run it.  When prompted, choose yes to update 4.x.x.x to this version.
  10. Proceed with InstallShield wizard to complete install.  Use all default options.
  11. Once the install has completed, click 'Finish' button.  The new version of Handheld Contact should open automatically.
  12. Then click Maintenance-->Synchronize Users, select the checkbox beside all users accounts and then hit Sync Now.


Note:  If you run into any error messages or problems during the above steps, please CONTACT SUPPORT.