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Adding/Modifying items to Handheld Contact using an iPad device.
Posted by Craig S on 13 February 2014 04:05 PM

Many customers who have iPad devices find it tricky to add/modify items such as Activities, Notes, and/or History on the device.  The reason for this is because of the format on the Handheld Contact application for iPad devices.  When comparing the iPad software to the iPhone application they are identical in functionality except for screen size.  The iPad has enough room for a 'Display Pane'.  Therefore, there will essentially be two (iPhone) screens in one on the iPad device.  The iPhone view will look and behave the same as the left side of the iPad screen.  If you have a contact selected, their details will be displayed on the right frame.



If you use the 'Search' feature within Handheld Contact on the iPad, this will take place on the left frame on the screen.  You can use this feature to search for First Name, Last Name, Company or any 'Additional Field' that is selected from the Handheld Contact 'Contact Settings'.  All searching and contact lookups will be done on the left frame of the screen while the 'Display' will appear on the right side.

If you are within a 'Search', you can select different contacts and display their details along the right side of the screen.  However, you CANNOT modify or add to them.  This is only for performing a 'loop-up'.  If you wish to make changes to the the Contact Details or their Activities/Notes/History you MUST end the 'Search'.  The Handheld Contact software will keep its attention on the left frame thinking you will still be using the 'Search' to enter more characters (or look for a new contact).  When your search is complete, use the 'Cancel' button that will appear along the top beside the searched text.  When 'Cancel' is pressed you will be taken back to the full Contact List but the selected contact will still be highlighted on the left frame and their details will be displayed along the right frame.  At this point you will be able to filter between the 'Details', 'Activities', 'Notes' and/or 'History'.  Depending on the option selected you will see the 'Edit' or '+' button appear in the upper right corner of the application.  You can then use this to add or make changes as needed.


Please note that if you stay within the 'Search' on the left frame, you will not be able to modify the Contact's information.  Once the search is cancelled, then full access will be available.  This is not an issue with the iPhone device as searching contacts will produce a different screen for each contact selected from the 'Search'.  As mentioned, the iPad device has two iPhone screens in one view.