I just created a trial for Handheld Contact, why is my account disabled?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 23 March 2020 08:20 PM

As of February 19, 2019, email verification has been implemented into Handheld Contact.  Previously, accounts were able to be created under incorrect or fake email addresses for Handheld Contact.  This has been removed and for every new Handheld Contact account created, the email address used for the username must be verified.  Here is the new process that applies for both Handheld Contact Classic and Handheld Contact API:

  1. Create a new trial account via www.HandheldContact.com.
  2. This account will be created and a notification pop up will appear on screen indicating that instructions were sent to the matching username (Eg. myemail@handheldcontact.com).
  3. Access to the username email address (Eg. myemail@handheldcontact.com) must be valid.  Open the email that was sent from 'no.reply@handheldcontact.com'.  There will be a single link to click in order to verify the email address.
  4. Clicking the link will open an internet browser and confirm the email address.  You may proceed to configure Handheld Contact as needed.

Until verification has been approved, the user account will be set to a status of 'Disabled'.  It will not be able to be used for account configuration on the PC/server side OR on the device side.  If the email was not received go here and login as the user.  There will be a yellow banner that signals that the email has not been verified.  Click here for a button to resend.  Please check all Inbox, Spam and Junk folders for an email from Handheld Contact (no.reply@handheldcontact.com).

For more directions/information about this email verification change, please click here.

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