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How do I find my API URL?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 29 August 2023 04:18 PM

This article will help with finding the Act! API URL that is required to setup Handheld Contact API.

Note:  The Act! API URL that is expected will end with 'act.web.api'.


The Act! API URL will typically be provided by your hosting provider (such as Keystroke, Remote Tech Group, Tech Commandos, Act!/Swiftpage etc).  Please connect with your hosting provider to obtain this address.  Here are some examples of what an API URL looks like:


Remote Tech Group (RTG):

Tech Commandos:

<database URL>-api/act.web.api


When using the Act! Connect Link, please CLICK HERE to find the Act! Web API URL.


If you are using Act! Premium Cloud:

CLICK HERE to view the different Act! API URL's based off location.


The following is for Act!/Swiftpage hosting only:

If you have the Act! Premium for Web (or Act! Premium Cloud) URL for login, this can be used to create the correct API URL.


For example your Swiftpage hosting URL is set as:


The API URL address will have "-api/act.web.api" added to the end of the hosting address. 

Note:  If the hosted URL ends with '/' (Eg.; please remove that character from the final API URL.

Therefore, the new URL needed for Handheld Contact API will be read as: