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How do I install Act! Connect Link to work with the Act! Premium Web API?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 02 April 2020 02:53 PM

This article will explain how to install the Act! Connect Link tool to work with Act! Premium Web API.  This application allows the permissions needed on the database side to enable the ability to sync with the Handheld Contact API software.

Note:  In order to install Act! Connect Link you must have a subscription to Act! Premium and use version 18.2 and later.  If you intend to use the Act! Connect Link with a database or databases which are shared across your network, the Act! Connect Link must be installed on the server where the database files reside.


  1. Ensure that Act! is closed before you begin.
  2. Go here to download the Act! Connect Link software.
  3. Download the installer and run it.  Do not change the install location.
  4. Press Install.
  5. Complete the InstallShield Wizard.
  6. The Act! Premium Web API will need to be installed next.  Please CLICK HERE to download.
  7. Open Act!.
  8. Along the left navigation bar find and click on 'Act! Connect'.
  9. On the right side along the top will be the specific Act! Web API address.  This is the URL API address needed for Handheld Contact API.
  10. To check the version of Web API and the status, open the URL in an internet browser and add "/api/system" to the address.  Eg:
  11. Ensure the specific Act! user has permissions in Act!. 
  12. Click on Tools, choose Manage Users.  Select the user from the list and press Next.  Press Next again to get to the 'Add Permissions' page.
  13. In the list provided, find 'Web API Access'.  Move this to the 'Added Permissions' table.
  14. Press Finish to Save.
  15. Proceed to Handheld Contact API setup.


You can watch a video of the above steps HERE.


For more references about Act! Connect Link and Web API, please see: