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Handheld Contact API - Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 08 December 2022 02:42 PM

This article will outline a number of frequently asked questions regarding the Handheld Contact API software.  This list is not in any particular order.

How does Auto-Syncing work?

Currently the ability to auto-sync the Handheld Contact API software ONLY works when on the 'Sync Status' page on the device.  Access to this view can be from the 'Sync' button on the Dashboard OR opening the menu and choose 'Synchronization'.  This will be expanded over time.  UPDATE:  In build 1.0.3 (or higher) there will be auto-syncing available in all locations of Handheld Contact API.  As long as the application is open on the iOS device, syncing will occur automatically.  To set the sync schedule, open HHC API Settings, choose 'Sync Schedule'.

Why do I get prompted by HHC when I have 5+ more contacts in the Act! group I sync with?

The WebAPI that HHC syncs with cannot detect if a contact has been added dynamically to a group, only if that same contact record is edited in anyway. To combat this, we made HHC check the quantity of contacts in a group, and its 5+ more than the device, it will prompt to resend all contacts (contacts only). Since this process is so blazingly fast, 10K records might take 2-3 minutes only.

When I press 'Sync Now' button, Handheld Contact always syncs 500 contacts, is something wrong?

There is not a problem here.  When syncing with the Act! API, the total page size for a fetch is 500 contacts.  Therefore, if the total number of contacts in the sync Group exceeds 500 contacts, then each 'Sync Now' will receive random 500 contacts.  This is a bug in the Act! API for processing contacts.  If the total contacts in the Group is below 500 contacts then syncing will work as expected.  In order to get a full database update synced, open the sync page on Handheld Contact, tap on the 3-dots from the top right and choose 'Download all'.  This process is needed on occasion to update Handheld Contact API with the Act! database.

When I delete a contact or activity, why does HHC API not sync those deletions?

The WebAPI has no end-point to track when Contacts or Activities are deleted in Act!, so if you delete them on one of your HHC devices it will delete it in Act!, but any other HHC devices won't be able to detect the deletion. When it comes to activities, we recommend clearing them as "incomplete" rather than deleting them.

When I clear an activity from Act! on the PC side, why does it not clear on Handheld Contact API?

The issue with cleared activities not syncing into Handheld Contact API is due to the Act! WebAPI. The API doesnt provide the proper 'hooks' required by Handheld Contact in order to query cleared activities. To work around this API fault, we have implemented a feature that will provide immediate response on device. This is in the form of manually downloading only activities from the Act! API. To perform this task, open the Menu and choose 'Synchronization'/'Sync Status'. Press on the 3-dots in the upper right corner and choose 'Download only activities'.

Do I need to be hosted with Swiftpage or an HPP to use HHC API?

Absolutely not. The setup may be a bit quicker if your WebAPI is setup for your hosting provider, but Swiftpage has "Act! ConnectLink" for self-hosted customers who want to deploy the WebAPI themselves. We recently hosted an internal training session on how to setup Act! ConnectLink, and the recording of that session can be seen HERE.

What version or release of Act! is supported by HHC API?

The minimum support Act! version is Act! Premium v18 or newer, however, an Act! subscription is required (regardless of which version), with each HHC user having “Web API” permission. It's important to note that Act! Pro or off-plan Premium users are NOT eligible to use Handheld Contact API.

I'm a happy HHC Classic user, is there an upgrade path to HHC API?

Due to the Classic supporting only one device and the API supporting many, we had to structure the accounts & licensing very differently, so an upgrade from Classic to API is not supported. We recommend using a different email address to setup a new trial account of Handheld Contact API to see if it's right for you. If you decide you prefer the API version, simply sign-up for this version and let the Classic subscription expire.
Unfortunately we cannot offer credits for unused subscription time.

If I want to test HHC API, can I install it on the same device I use for Handheld Contact Classic?

Absolutely. The two programs do not conflict in anyway.  Different usernames are required in order to utilize both simultaneously. 

Can I configure HHC API to work with more than one database?

Nope, HHC Classic and API are the same that way, in that both can only support one database. That said, you could configure Classic to work with one database and API to work with another database, and have both on the same device.

Why does syncing complete when the percentage complete is under or over 100%?

The Act! WebAPI does not present exact reconciliation information of data to update, so HHC has to estimate the data to sync, as well as percentage of completion. This will likely get better over time as the API improves it's support for more accurate webhooks.

When do I see activities created in Act! get updated in my HHC API?

Items added to Act! must be manually synced on the HHC API side. Items added to device updates Act! immediately.

Does 'Offline' access to Handheld Contact API work?

Yes.  Offline access to Handheld Contact API now works as expected.