Switching between Dashboard and Legacy Home Page views
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 28 July 2021 05:35 PM

With the latest Handheld Contact Classic upgrade (on both iOS and Android platforms) there was a change in the default main view screen.  Similar to our API application, we have applied the same Dashboard view to Handheld Contact Classic.  However, for customers who are accustomed to the Home view, there will be an option to switch back.  See the directions below for each platform:


iOS (iPhone & iPad):

  1. Open Handheld Contact and the Dashboard view is present.  See Image.
  2. In the lower right corner is the chevron menu.  Tap on this to expand and choose 'Settings'.
  3. Tap on 'Select Mainview Style'. See Image.
  4. The default will be 'Dashboard'.
  5. Toggle to 'Legacy Home Page'.
  6. Handheld Contact will automatically switch to the previous 'Home' display. See Image.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Updated features have been added to Handheld Contact for Dashboard view only.  Reminders and Mail Merge options are not available in 'Legacy Home Page' view.



  1. Open Handheld Contact and the Dashboard view is present. See Image.
  2. Open the left corner menu.  Select 'Settings'.
  3. Under General section, tap on 'Select mainview style'.
  4. The default will be 'Dashboard'. See Image.
  5. Toggle to 'Home'.
  6. Making this change will require a restart of the Handheld Contact Classic software.
  7. Tap on the Android running apps button from the navigation bar.
  8. Find Handheld Contact Classic and swipe up to close.  You can also tap on 'Close all'.
  9. Once Handheld Contact is closed, re-open to access the 'Home' view. See Image.