Using Handheld Contact Classic with Open Authorization (OAuth)
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 16 December 2022 08:30 PM

With the latest Handheld Contact Classic update (v4.4.4.x and v6.0.x.x) there have been Open Authorization (OAuth) changes implemented.  

The changes to the software will not change the way that Handheld Contact Classic syncs but it is for Email Alerts and Daily Notifications built within the desktop console. Below will explain the steps needed to configure Handheld Contact Classic for Email Alerts and Daily Notifications.

Email Alerts:

  1. Open Handheld Contact Classic on the PC side.
  2. In the toolbar, click on Tools, choose 'Email Alerts'.
  3. The window that appears shows multiple tabs and the default is 'Email Settings'.
  4. You can choose from 3 options to configure sending emails from Handheld Contact; SMTP, Outlook365 and Gmail.
    1. If using the SMPT settings, you need to provide all details for the email server. See image.
    2. After all fields are completed use the 'Test E-Mail' button to verify and proceed.
  5. If using the Outlook365 or Gmail options, you need to enter the matching name/email address in the boxes provide. See image.
    1. Click on the 'Authorize' button. A new internet browser will appear to begin the authorization. The login for Outlook/Gmail will be required.
    2. Permissions will need to be granted for 'Keystroke Quality Computing Inc'.
    3. After the login and permissions are applied there will be a message reading 'Authorization successful! You may close this webpage and return to the app'.
  6. Close the browser and return to Handheld Contact Classic.
  7. Click on the 'Test e-mail' button to verify. A message will show if it was successful.
  8. After the successful test, the remaining 3 tabs will be available.

Error Alerts
This section of alerts is utilized in order to send messages if the Handheld Contact application has errors during syncing.
Status Alerts
This section of alerts is utilized to provide syncing status emails. Details included in this email are number of syncs, number of users syncing as well as sent/received updates for contacts/activites/notes/history, etc.
Upgrade Alerts
This section of alerts is utilized to send emails when there is a new upgrade of the Handheld Contact desktop software.


Daily Notifications:
Daily summary notifications are updates that provide a list of daily scheduled activities, opportunities closing as well as birthdays and annual events.

  1. In order to enable Daily notifications, open Handheld Contact on the PC side.
  2. Along the left side, click on the 'Act! User' link. See image.
  3. Click on 'Enable daily summary notifications' box.
  4. There is a link to add email addresses. Click this. See image.
  5. Email settings need to be configured first. Select this button. See image.
  6. The same SMTP/Outlook365/Gmail options as the Email Alerts above are available.  See image.
  7. After entering the credentials click on the 'Authorize' button first. This will open a new browser to log into the email and give permissions.
  8. Once the authorization is successful, click on the 'test e-mail' button.
  9. Choose OK to save.
  10. Daily summary emails can be customized to when they are sent. Use the top options to set the frequency of days as well as what local time will send the messages.
  11. Click on the 'Add Email' button to add an address to where the summary will be sent. Multiple addresses can be entered.
  12. Press OK to save.


Note: After configuring the email settings, a pop-up message will appear (see here) indicating that these token authorizations have limited validation.  Outlook365 is valid for 90 days.  Gmail is valid for 6 months.  After this time, re-authorization is required.

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