Handheld Contact Application Features
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by admin account on 12 April 2016 01:58 PM

Two-way, wireless syncing

  • Automatically sync ACT! updates between your handheld device and your ACT! database wirelessly

Mobile data storage

  • Store up to 15,000 ACT! contacts and associated notes, histories, calendar items, and activities directly on your handheld

Automatic syncing

  • Enables you to define parameters for syncing of ACT! contacts, notes, histories, calendar items, and to-do items
  • Automatically sync as often as every 15 minutes or manually sync anytime you want

Contact group syncing

  • Access all your important contact data. Handheld Contact creates an “autosync group” ensuring your most important contacts are always synced
  • Allows you to choose a number of other ACT! contact groups to sync

 Activity and to-do item syncing

  •  Sync all your activities and to-do items or filter synced activities within a variable date range from 8 weeks ago to 18 months from now
  • Filter activities by type or whether the activity is scheduled with you, for you, or by you

Field mapping

  • Syncs up to 28 pre-defined contact fields and up to 50 user-defined fields

Calling, SMS and emailing

  • Call and email contacts directly from Handheld Contact on your handheld device
  • Record SMS messages that are generated within Handheld Contact
  • Log emails with automatic time-stamping

Note/histories syncing

  • Filter by type and sync up to 5 of the most recent notes/history items per contact

Multiple User Management

  • Supports an unlimited number of users managed through a single administration console
  • Create profiles to manage sync settings for multiple users at once
  • Enables syncing between ACT! users
  • Supports multiple ACT! databases

End-to-end, Maintenance-free service

  • Your subscriptions provides access to everything you need for mobile Act! access with Handheld Contact—no surprise setup or maintenance costs.
  • Our easy-to-install computer and mobile apps take care of everything for you. No internal IT department required or complicated server requirements and maintenance. 
  • Enjoy software upgrades as soon as they are released. Your active subscription gives you access to our computer and mobile apps anytime without additional costs.