How to set up and use a 'Profile'.
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 05 June 2023 03:09 PM

'Profiles' are available within Handheld Contact and are mostly used for situations where a customer has multiple Handheld Contact users and they wish to have the same sync settings for all of them.  If there are only a few HHC users and each wish to view something different, then 'Profiles' are not for you.


To create:  Open Handheld Contact on the PC/server.  Click on 'Create Profile' button on left hand side of screen.  This will be beside the 'Sync Now' button.  This will open the Profile Editor.  Along the top will be different tabs for Contacts, Activities, etc.  Click on each one and choose what the Profile will sync with.

To add users:  Within the Profile Editor, click on Tools and choose 'Add Users to Profile'.  A list of the different Handheld Contact users will appear.  Click on the ones you wish to add.  Press OK.

To edit: Open the Profile Editor.  Click on Tools, choose Manage, select Profiles.

To change the Profile name: Open the Profile Editor.  Click on Tools and choose Rename Profile.


Note:  When a Profile is created it will only work for the same type of account.  For example, only Handheld Contact Classic iPhone users can be in the same Profile.  You cannot use the same Profile for an iPhone, Android and iPad devices.  These must be all separated into different Profiles.  The data can sync the same but all devices must be grouped together.  This is where changing the name of the Profile to match the devices comes in handy.