How do I submit a bug report?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 05 June 2023 05:11 PM

In some cases where customers have problems with their device/syncing, a bug report may be needed for further investigation.  In order to submit this report, please follow the directions below for your device:


Apple iPhone and iPad:

Open Handheld Contact on the device.  Press Settings and choose 'Contact Support'.  This will create a 'Prepare Report' screen.  Complete all fields and at the bottom of the screen, toggle the option for 'Attach log files to report'.  When finished press the arrow button in the upper right corner to import to an actual email.  To send to support, press Send.


Android smartphones and tablets:

Open Handheld Contact on the device.  Open the Menu and choose Settings.  Choose 'Report an issue'.  Select the email client you wish to use and enter the issue(s) into the description area.  Press Send when finished.



Note: If there are any problems or additional information is needed within the bug report, our Support staff will contact you via email.