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Installing Handheld Contact on a new mobile device if you are an existing subscriber
Posted by admin account, Last modified by Craig S on 05 June 2023 05:16 PM


One Handheld Contact subscription enables service for one mobile device. This guide outlines the steps you should follow if you are an existing Handheld Contact subscriber and wish to switch the mobile device connected to a subscription you are using.

Common scenarios include:

  • You upgrade your smartphone or tablet.
  • You want to switch to your old smartphone or a tablet.
  • You want to switch from a smartphone to a table (or vice-versa).


Uninstall Handheld Contact from your existing (old) mobile device that you wish to replace:

  1. On the existing (old) mobile device, uninstall the Handheld Contact mobile app.

From the Handheld Contact computer application installed on the Sage ACT! machine, prepare your Sage ACT! data for the new mobile device’s first sync:

  1. Update to the latest version of the Handheld Contact computer application (if necessary).
  2. Open the Handheld Contact computer application on the Sage ACT! computer, server, or laptop.
  3. Click “Maintenance” in the top menu.
  4. Click “Resend All Data to Handheld”.
  5. Find your Handheld Contact username (e-mail address) in the list and check the box in the left-hand column to select.
  6. Click "Send All".
  7. Please wait until the synchronization is complete before continuing with the next step.

Update the device type associated with your Handheld Contact account if you are switching platforms (For example: iPhone to Android):

  1. Have your Handheld Contact account username (e-mail) and password handy and visit:
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select your new device type from the Device drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Update Account Information".

Install Handheld Contact on your new mobile device that you are going to switch to.

  1. Launch the mobile device’s default Internet browser. The default Internet browser is the native Internet browsing application that is pre-loaded on the mobile device.
  2. Access the Handheld Contact mobile installation site:
  3. Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and Android devices are detected and forward to the Handheld Contact app in the mobile device’s respective app/media storefront (Apple App Store or Google Play). Follow the usual steps to download and install Handheld Contact.

    If the browser does not automatically forward to Apple App Store or Google Play; manually open this app and search for Handheld Contact, then download and install the app.
  4. Run Handheld Contact on the mobile device.
  5. Follow the setup guide and sign in with the user’s Handheld Contact username (e-mail) and password.
  6. The Handheld Contact mobile app will begin syncing. Please be patient with this step—the first sync may take a while depending on your settings and the amount of data it requires to sync.

Once the synchronization has finished, you have completed the switch and your new mobile device is ready to go.