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How to read the Handheld Contact Desktop Application
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 26 September 2019 02:13 PM

The Handheld Contact Desktop Application is the user interface that controls all of the integration and syncing of Act! to the Handheld Contact Servers.  This article is for letting customers know how to read and use this application properly.  See the image and match up the numbers to the explanation below.

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HHC Console

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1.) Maintenance Option - Under this menu option is where Handheld Contact can configure changes regarding synchronization.  Under this option you will find the following settings:

  • Resend All Data to Handheld - Perform a 'one-way' synchronization from Act! to the mobile device.  All contacts/activities/notes/history will be synchronized.  Used to start over or configure a new device.
  • Erase All Data on Handheld - Performs an erase procedure where all data on mobile device will be erased on the next sync.  Used to erase HHC data from device.
  • Synchronize Users - Opens a selective window where you can choose which user(s) to manually synchronize.  Only updates since last sync will be sent.
  • Configure Auto Syncing - Opens another window to toggle users who will be set for automatic syncing.
  • Change Database Admin Login - Allows access to change the Act! Administrator login credentials for database.
  • Restart Service - Restart the Handheld Contact service (HHC7Service.exe) and cancel any synchronization in progress.


2.) Status - This will display the current syncing status of Handheld Contact. 

  • Green 'Play' button - indicates Handheld Contact is set up for automatic syncing and the syncing is idle.
  • Green spinning circle - indicates Handheld Contact is currently in a synchronization process for the selected user.
  • Green 'Lock' - indicates that Handheld Contact Secure+ is enabled.  This is automatically applied to Handheld Contact trial accounts.
  • Red square/'Lock' - indicates Handheld Contact has automatic syncing turned off.  To turn back on, click on Maintenance, choose Configure Auto Syncing, select the box for the required user(s).
  • Red 'X' - indicates there is a problem with the Act! database, closing and restarting the Handheld Contact application will produce an error message indicating the root issue.  Contact support with exact error message.
  • User with red 'X' - indicates there is a problem with the Act! user.  This database user may not exist within Act!.  Open Act! database and login as the Administrator to determine status for user.  Contact support if other messages appear.


3.) Review Data - This button will generate a full report of what is syncing for the selected user.  Handheld Contact will run a simulated synchronization and report on the total number of Contacts, Activities, Notes/History, Opportunities and Secondary contacts.  This will not complete any syncing with the HHC Servers (no data is actually transferred).


4.) Last Time Data Sent - This column will indicate the last time that Handheld Contact had sent data from Act! to the HHC Servers.  This is stamped with the date and time when it last occurred.  This column does not have anything to do with the Handheld Contact application on the device and its synchronization schedule.


5.) Last Time Data Recd - This column will indicate the last time that Handheld Contact received data from the HHC Servers and was input into Act!.  This is stamped with the date and time when it last occurred.  This column will not have anything to do with the last time the Handheld Contact application has synced on the device.  Receiving data back into Act! means that changes are being made within HHC on the device end and it is being synced.  If no changes are made to the device, this column will not be updated.  If no data is ever sent back to Act! from the device, 'N/A' will be listed.


6.) HHC User - This link will be for the selected user's Handheld Contact username (email address).  If you click on this link, you can update the HHC username/password or you can make advanced setting changes.  Under the 'Advanced' option, you can customize the following:

  • One way sync (from ACT! to handheld only)
  • Allow exporting Handheld Contact contacts to the native Contacts on the phone
  • Allow exporting Handheld Contact activities to the native Calendar on the phone
  • Allow importing native Contacts from your phone to Handheld Contact
  • Allow importing native Calendar events from your phone to Handheld Contact
  • Allow user to request Send all data from your phone


7.) Act! User - This link will be for the selected user's Act! username.  If you click on this link, you will see a list of the given Act! users from the database and which user is selected to be syncing with the given Handheld Contact username.  From this setting, you can also change the 'Sync private contacts/activities', 'When deleting from handheld, DELETE from Act!' and 'Sync secondary contacts' options.


8.) Sync Now - This button is used to manually synchronize Handheld Contact.  If the syncing status is idle you can choose any user and manually synchronize their account with the HHC servers.  If the 'Sync Now' button is greyed out, this means that there is currently a synchronization in process.  #10 will also indicate that there is a sync taking place.  If you need to stop the existing sync, you can see this LINK to do so.


9.) Sync Messages - This area is used to display the status of synchronization.  You can toggle the 'Sync messages' on or off.  In order to do so, at the top beside File, click on 'View' and choose 'Synchronization Pane'.  We recommend that this option stays turned ON.  A typical synchronization will display the following messages.  The second line will indicate what has been received from the HHC Servers.  If this has data listed, it will also update the 'Last Time Data Recd' column as mentioned above.  The second last line will indicate what has been sent to the HHC Servers from the Act! database.  If this has data listed, it will also update the 'Last Time Data Sent' column as mentioned above.  The Sync messages area will also display any error messages during synchronization.  If you have any questions or errors, please Contact support with the exact error message.

User:, Database: ActDemoDB Syncing started in mode: Send updates at 01/01/2015 12:01:36 PM...
      Updates received from handheld device. Contacts: 0, Activities: 0, NHistories: 0...
      Data retrieved...
      Updates applied...
      Data processed...
      Data sent to handheld device. Contacts: 0, Activities: 0, NHistories: 0...
      User syncing finished in mode: Send updates at 01/01/2015 12:02:59 PM


10.) Synchronization finished successfully - This will be the end result of the current synchronization.  The following will be different tags available:

  • Synchronization finished successfully
  • Synchronization in progress
  • Synchronization finished with problems
  • Synchronization failed

If you receive any messages other than 'Synchronization finished successfully' and you suspect a syncing problem, please Contact support.


11.) Synchronization Schedule - The default sync schedule is set to repeat automatically on 30 minute intervals.  To modify this, click on 'Tools' and choose 'Customize Sync Schedule'.  The delay interval is set in the upper right corner.  This can be as large as desired but the smallest interval available is 15 minutes.  We recommend to keep the default settings.  You can also customize when syncing takes place during the hours of the day.  Hours 0, 1 and 2 (12am until 3am) are defaulted off.  Based off the times provided in the 'Customize Sync Schedule' is when the syncing will take place.  Eg.  If syncing completed at 12:02:59 PM and the interval was 30 minutes then the next scheduled synchronization will take place at 12:32:59 PM.


12.) Upgrade available - If there is an upgrade available for the Handheld Contact Desktop Application, a notice will display here.  This is simply an indicator.  In order to upgrade, click on Help and choose 'Check For Updates'.  A blue pop-up will appear in the lower right corner of the PC.  This pop-up is a clickable link and will direct you to the download page for Handheld Contact.  If this pop-up does not work, the download can always be obtained directly from HERE. For a list of latest Handheld Contact versions and additional upgrade steps, please click HERE.