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Handheld Contact Legacy Implementation
Posted by admin account, Last modified by Craig S on 11 October 2017 06:50 PM

If you would like to switch to the back to the previous version of the Handheld Contact app on your iPhone/iPad (now released as Handheld Contact Legacy v1.0) you will need to delete the Handheld Contact app on the iPhone/iPad, resend all data from the Handheld Contact program on the computer/server, and install the Handheld Contact Legacy app on the iPhone/iPad.

UPDATE:  Handheld Contact version 7.3 has been released and approved.  It is now available in the Apple App Store for installation.  If you are switching from Handheld Contact Legacy back to Handheld Contact v7.3, please click here for directions.

Steps to complete in order to restore Handheld Contact on device:

These steps will delete all data from the Handheld Contact app on the device and replace it with the info coming from ACT!.  So if there is any data that is on the device and is not in Act! we suggest adding it to the database manually prior to completing these steps.

    1. Go to the iPhone/iPad.  From the Apple home screen push and hold on the Handheld Contact icon.  Once it starts to vibrate, click on the black 'X' and delete Handheld Contact.
    2. Open Handheld Contact on the computer/server. Click on Maintenance and choose Resend All Data to Handheld. 
    3. Select the account and press Send All. 
    4. Press Yes, on the warning that appears.
    5. Once the PC starts syncing, go to the App Store.  Search for ‘Handheld Contact Legacy’ and download Handheld Contact Legacy.
    6. Run the Handheld Contact Legacy application.  Enter the username and password.  Press Login.
    7. Wait for the PC to finish syncing from Step 4 and then press Sync Now to start syncing on the iPhone/iPad.
Note: If you try to sync the device before the completion of syncing from the PC/server in Steps 2-4, you will receive an error message.  You will need to wait until the PC is completed then you can proceed to sync on the device.

Customers who wish to revert to the previous build should be aware of the following:

  • As this is not an "upgraded" release, you cannot install this version over top of an existing 7.2.x release. You will have to delete your old App and use your HHC computer software to "Resend all data to Handheld device".
  • While this is the old 7.1.2 production build of Handheld Contact, this new version must be versioned as "Handheld Contact Legacy 1.0" according to Apple's product release rules.
  • If you choose to upgrade to the current production HHC app (7.2.x), or some later release (7.3.x), you will have to delete the HHC Legacy version and install the new production App. Once this is done, you will be required to resend all data to your device. As this is an entirely new branded product, there is no upgrade path to new releases.
  • No updates will be made to this Legacy 1.0 release. If you update your device to IOS11, we will not be supporting the older version in this operating system.