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Handheld Contact on the iPhone/iPad does not open. It tries to open and then immediately closes.
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 14 March 2018 06:03 PM

Delete Handheld Contact from the device and reinstall.  Ensure that the HHC app is not currently syncing from the PC.  If a resend all data has not been completed, then you will need to do so.  Every time Handheld Contact is deleted from the device then you need to resend all over again.


  1. Open Handheld Contact on the computer/server.
  2. Click on Maintenance and choose Resend All Data to Handheld. 
  3. Select the account and press Send All. 
  4. Press Yes, on the warning that appears.
  5. Once the PC starts syncing, go to the iPhone/iPad.  Push and hold on the HHC icon.  Once it starts to vibrate, click on the X and delete Handheld Contact.
  6. After it is deleted, go to the App Store.  Search for ‘Handheld Contact’ and download Handheld Contact.
  7. Run the HHC application.  Enter the username and password.  Press Login.
  8. Wait for the PC to finish syncing from Step 4 and then press Sync Now to start syncing on the iPhone/iPad.


 Note: When the Handheld Contact application crashes upon opening, there could be a few things taking place.  The first is that HHC is trying to sync with our servers and there is some corrupt data that cannot be transferred.  This causes the crash.  Another possibility is that too much data has synced with Handheld Contact.  If you try and access the Task List and HHC closes, this is a good indication the total number of activities is a problem.  To determine the total number of activities that is syncing can be done from the Handheld Contact Desktop Application.  There will be a button within the top toolbar that reads 'Sync Data Info'.  This will simulate a sync and produce a report of what is being synced.  It will show the total Contacts, Activities and Notes/History.  If you are in the range of 200-300 activities then this may be the result of crashing.  A recommendation would be to reduce the total number of activities and minimize the re-occurring tasks.  When this is reduced, resend all data again to clean up the device and provide updated data to the handheld.