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Contact Importer for Handheld Contact
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Users with a BlackBerry 10 mobile device can use Contact Importer to export contacts from Handheld Contact to the device's built-in Contacts app and enjoy call display for Act! contacts. 



  • BlackBerry 10 mobile device
  • Handheld Contact Version or higher running on the BlackBerry 10 mobile device.  To verify, visit using the default Internet browser on the BlackBerry 10 device.



  1. On the BlackBerry 10 mobile device, open the default Internet browser and visit:
  2. Install Contact Importer. 


How to use Contact Importer

The end-user can export Act! Contacts with Contact Importer as often as desired. 

Note that Contact Importer is a manual utility and these steps, from beginning to end, must be followed every time contacts are exported. Never skip any steps in these instructions.

  1. Open "Handheld Contact" on the BlackBerry 10 device.

  2. On the main Contacts screen in Handheld Contact press the overflow menu button in the top right corner (the icon is three dots stacked vertically).

  3. Press "Prepare Contact Export".

  4. When you see the "Prepare Complete" message you are ready for the next step. Press "OK".

  5. Open "Contact Importer" on the BlackBerry 10 device.

  6. Press "Check Prerequisites".

  7. Press "Begin Import".

  8. You will be asked if you want to "Delete Contacts?" Press "Yes" to PERMANENTLY delete all existing contacts in the device's built-in Contacts app prior to adding Act! Contacts in order to avoid duplicates. Press "No" if you want to keep existing contacts in the built-in Contacts app (which may result in duplicates).

    If you pressed "Yes" there is a confirmation step. Press "Yes".

  9. Do not close the app while the progress bar for deleting and/or importing is visible.

  10. When Contact Importer is finished you can close the app. Your Act! Contacts now accessible in your device's built-in Contacts app.