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I have an older BlackBerry (OS 5.0 or less) and want to get Handheld Contact. How do I get it installed?
Posted by Craig S on 10 May 2012 09:01 PM
  1. On the Blackberry open the Internet Browser, once in the browser screen push the menu button and in the menu select Go To.
  2. After the http:// type select Ok.
  3. On the page it takes you to, scroll down to "Professional Edition" and push track ball.
  4. Choose Download.
  5. When the download completes click reboot (if necessary).
  6. Once the Blackberry has rebooted open Handheld Contact.  It may be found under the ‘Downloads’ folder on the BlackBerry Homepage.
  7. Select Test Network.
  8. Enter your Handheld Contact Username & Password and select Test Login.
  9. Once the login passes, press Start Sync.