ACT! had a problem and not all the information is up to date. Can Handheld Contact on the phone restore my old database?
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 19 May 2016 03:38 PM

Handheld Contact will not work in this manner.  Once the data is synced with the phone, only the data that was moved becomes two way syncing.  Once the PC connection is no longer valid (has been removed due to a database change), then you need to ‘start over’ and resend all the data again from ACT! back to the phone.  You cannot restore an ACT! database from the data within Handheld Contact on the phone.

The only way to get Contacts back to ACT! would be to ‘export contacts’.  You could export contacts only from Handheld Contact on the phone to the phone’s native address book.  Then use the contacts from the phone to sync with Gmail, Outlook, etc.  Once that info is on the PC, then use that to sync with ACT!.  For example, they would sync from phone (iPhone) to Outlook and then from Outlook to ACT!.


In order to Export Contacts, please see the link below for your specified device:

iPhone/iPad: Click here

Android: Click here

BlackBerry 10: Click here