Getting Started on Handheld Contact Mac
Posted by Craig S, Last modified by Craig S on 27 September 2021 05:15 PM

This article will be additional information and directions for getting started with Handheld Contact Mac.

This application is not Act! for Mac, its Handheld Contact on a Mac.  If you are familiar with our other application, Handheld Contact API, this is the same application except found on a Mac computer.  For more information about Handheld Contact Mac, please see this article:  Handheld Contact Mac scheduled for release September 27th

Things to obtain/setup before you begin:

  1. Handheld Contact Mac will sync with 1 Act! Group for contacts. It is recommended to create this sync Group beforehand. For a detailed article please click here.
  2. Act! API URL - This is the server address to the Act! Web API where the main database resides. The correct address will end with 'Act.Web.API'. It is recommended to contact your hosting provider in order to obtain this address. However, if you are hosted with Keystroke, this address can be found here.
  3. Act! Database Name - The name of the database that you will log into. Your hosting provider can also provide this.
  4. Act! Username/Password.

 Once the above items are collected, you may proceed with the Handheld Contact Mac setup:


  1. Go to the Apple App Store application on the Mac and search for 'Handheld Contact'.
  2. Click on 'Get' and then choose 'Install App'.  If sign-in is required, use your Apple ID in order to login for download.
  3. After install, open Handheld Contact Mac.
  4. The initial launch screen will appear.  See image.
  5. Enter the Act! server address URL.  This is the address ending in Act.Web.API that was obtained above.
  6. Enter the Act! database name, Act! user name and the Act! password (if you have one).
  7. Press 'Login' button.
  8. The next login screen will ask for the HHC username (email address) for the Handheld Contact Mac account.  If you do not have one, please click here in order to create a 14-day trial.  
    1. Note: A unique email address must be used in order to utilize Handheld Contact Mac.  Previous email address accounts cannot be used.
  9. A screen will appear with all of the custom fields in the database that can be selected for mapping.  In order to add custom fields, click on the 'Do not sync' drop down and change this to read 'Sync'.  When finished, choose 'Next' button.
  10. Select the Group that will be used for syncing.  This is the same Group that was created/selected in the Step 1 requirements above.  Press 'Next' to proceed.  See image.
  11. To synchronize Opportunities with Handheld Contact Mac, ensure the 'Synchronize opportunities' check box is selected.  Then choose the Processes and Status to sync.  Choose 'Next'.  See image.
  12. The custom Opportunities fields will appear next.  Just like in step 9 above, select the fields needed and set drop down to read 'Sync'.  Press 'Next' to proceed. See image.
  13. The synchronization process will occur automatically.  When completed, press 'Next' button.
  14. The Handheld Contact Mac 'Dashboard' view will appear.